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E-Commerce Websites

Gooya Digital Advertising Agency provides the best service when it comes to E-Commerce systems. Starting an E-Commerce business is much more than just showing your products in web results. In fact, this situation is more complicated than one might think. It is essential to think strategically and do a planning, just like operating a production facility in real life. That’s why you need a professional service to establish and maintain an E-Commerce business. Although many people who want to do E-Commerce focus only on UX and content marketing. These are sufficient for external appearance, but there are more details that need to be taken into account in general. In fact, the problems of E-Commerce are in the process of doing business, the participation of potential customers and the methods of increasing possible product/service sales figures.

Why Should You Choose E-Commerce Systems?

If your business does not have an E-Commerce website, you cannot compete online. We can even say that your chances of competing are impossible. It would not be wrong to say that an E-Commerce website is essentially the backbone of an online business. However, a properly designed E-Commerce website will bring you success. Even if you are a B2B or B2C company, it is extremely easy to reach the goals you desire thanks to your E-Commerce website. However, the professional design and operation of your E-Commerce website is essential at this stage. Gooya Digital Advertising Agency is always with you to provide you with professional service in this regard!

E-Commerce systems are software applications that make it possible for companies to execute complex functions both at the front-end and at the back-end. This should not hold you back from doing E-Commerce. Because you don't have to know programming for E-Commerce. The only thing you need to do is to get E-Commerce systems service from Gooya Digital Advertising Agency. It should also be noted that we provide services including E-Commerce softwares, CRM, mobile commerce, inventory method, web design and storage.

Previously, E-Commerce systems made it essential for companies to create their own platforms within the company by their development and IT teams. This was literally a labourious and cost-heavy method. As these solutions are often immeasurable, companies could not approach their real goals with them. Moreover, these systems could not be integrated with other types of software used by the company. Currently, there are various types of E-Commerce software. Every company can choose an E-Commerce system, which suits them. In this way, the operation and execution of the E-Commerce site becomes more practical.

What are E-Commerce Systems?

Gooya Digital Advertising Agency offers numerous E-Commerce solutions. There are many different types of E-Commerce systems. It is possible to choose the one that suits your budget and business among them.

• SaaS E-Commerce platform: These platforms are mostly built on a single code base. Anyone who prefers this platform will experience the relevant technology by paying a fixed monthly fee covering maintenance, server usage, upgrade and security.
• Cloud-based E-Commerce platform: These E-Commerce systems may seem a little complicated to most people. Various open-source and traditional platforms are connected to a hosting system. This is exactly what is called "cloud platforms". Volusion and Magento Enterprise Cloud are examples of this system.
• Open source E-Commerce platform: Similar to traditional platforms. The main difference is that you do not pay before you get a license. But, it is required for you to pay for development, maintenance, implementation, migration and upgrade. An example of an open source E-Commerce website is Magento.
• Traditional E-Commerce platform: You are required to pay for a license fee annually. Your developer and IT team then builds and customizes the platform. It then uploads it to the cloud or on-premise software.

What is Included in Our E-Commerce Web Design Packages


We design your E-Commerce website to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly on all devices.

Corporate Colors

Your E-Commerce web design is customized according to the brand and colors of your business.


As an SEO specialist, we optimize every website for search engines.

Store Setup

Your store is set up correctly based on how your business sells online.

Payment Integration

Integration is established with your chosen payment provider to allow card payouts during payments.

E-Commerce Support

We will help you to find your way around your new website, including adding and editing content.

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