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Gooya Digital Advertising Agency helps you get high conversions from your campaigns by creating impressive Google Ads. If you want to reach the target customer base you need to increase your profit, ADS is a great method for you.

What are Google Ads? What Does It Mean?

Google Ads are Google’s online advertising system. This program allows you to create online ads in order to reach target audiences who are interested in the products and services you offer. This system essentially functions through pay-per-click advertising. In other words, in order for a visitor to click on your ad, you need to pay in advance. So, why should you prefer Google Ads?

Unique Advantages with Google Ads

Google's advertising capabilities bring many advantages for both visitors and advertisers. For example, creating a special offer in keywords that cover a wide area, such as ’painting course", shows your ad to potential customers at the initial stage. Designing this keyword to be at the local and regional level will provide you with more guaranteed customers. If your painting course is in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul, users in this region should also be able to see your ads and reach you from your web page when they search for ‘Istanbul Nisantasi painting course’. The important thing at this stage is to use the right keywords. Another important aspect is to disable negative keywords. This way, your advertising budget will not be wasted.

Full Control Over Advertising Campaigns

Google Ads, also known as programmatic advertising, is an easy and practical application for most people. Because you are buying advertising space and it becomes more possible to reach the customers you are targeting. But the important thing at this point is when to start and stop ads and how to reach the right audience. You can trust Gooya Digital Advertising Agency in order to get full control of advertising campaigns and achieve your goals more easily. In this way, you can devote your resources, energy and time to other important tasks.

Results Analysis is Very Easy with Google Ads

If you do not know what you do wrong, you may not have an idea about how to improve. The different analysis tables can make it difficult to understand what these are. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to seek help from a professional. For a team that knows the business, Google Ads are a simple and easy system where literally all kinds of details are understood. Analysis of all kinds of details such as impressions, clicks, keyword budget should definitely be done. In this way, you can clearly see how well your ads are working.

Fast Results with Google Ads

When you opt for Google Ads, you appear above all organic results on the results page. This also greatly increases the likelihood of making an earning. Without advertising, there is no quick method to move your page to the top positions in the relevant search engines. You can also try methods such as long-term SEO, of course. However, there is no other quick method other than Google Ads. Even if any of your pages do not appear in search engines, it is possible to be on the first page and in the first place thanks to Google Ads. All of these are the kind of applications that will increase your product or service sales. In fact, apart from that, brand awareness and high profit rates are also becoming more possible. As your traffic increases, it will also be easier for your website ranking to improve.

Brand Awareness Increases

Gooya Digital Advertising Agency can also support you on increasing your brand awareness with Google Ads. Most users know that Google Ads want advertisers to rank higher in search engine results and appear to more people. In fact, Google's advertising campaigns are more than that. Google Ads also serve as an important tool for creating brand awareness at the same time.

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